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 Barcelona is Spain's second largest city, and the capital of Catalonia. The city is on the Mediterranean coast, and has a wealth of unique historic architecture. Barcelona emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe during the 1990s.

It’s a beautiful city, full of markets, shops, museums and churches, and great for walking around. There’s an area called “Rambles” where people like walking. It’s very tourist because there are flowers, paintings and restaurants. However, you can go to the beach, which is near, or you can walk around.

In 1992 Barcelona hosted the Olympics. Some time before the city was prepared for that, and the transformation was very important; new areas were made and the city was opened to the sea. This transformation and the games made the city known all over the world, and tourists began to come and a lot of ships dock here.


History of Barcelona


Barcelona has a long-standing mercantile tradition. Less well known is that the region was one of the earliest to begin industrialization in continental Europe, beginning with textile related works from the mid 1780s but really gathering momentum in the mid nineteenth century, when it became a major center for the production of textiles and machinery. Since then, manufacturing has played a large role in its history. The traditional importance in textiles is reflected in Barcelona's repeated attempts to become a major fashion center. In summer 2006, the city became a host for the prestigious Bread & Butter urban fashion fair until 2009.

As in other modern cities, the manufacturing sector has long since been overtaken by the services sector, though it remains very important. The region's leading industries today are textiles, chemical, pharmaceutical, motor, electronic, printing, logistics, publishing, telecommunications and information technology services.

Drawing upon its tradition of creative art and craftsmanship, Barcelona is nowadays also known for its award-winning industrial design. It also has several congress halls, notably Fira de Barcelona (Trade Fair), that host a quickly growing number of national and international events each year. 

Barcelona has one of the highest costs of living in Spain.


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